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multi signature – Why does solely one of many two nonce factors in MuSig2 have the exponent b?

A slight variant of MuSig2, named MuSig2*, units one of many coefficients to 1 to make the important thing aggregation operate barely extra environment friendly. That is described in a draft specification of MuSig2 : ↩

MuSig2* optimization: The specification makes use of an optimization that enables saving a degree multiplication in key aggregation. The MuSig2 scheme with this optimization is known as MuSig2* and confirmed safe within the appendix of the MuSig2 paper. The optimization is that the second distinct key within the record of public keys given to the important thing aggregation algorithm (in addition to any keys equivalent to this key) will get the fixed key aggregation coefficient 1.

I used to be myself confused by this when writing my weblog publish about MuSig2.

This trick resembles normalization of a polynomial, which is achieved by dividing every time period by the primary phrases’ coefficient.



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